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Are you in desperate need of a break? Something that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised ? Well its l time to turn that take some time for yourself and pamper yourself with a wonderful luxury spa break to Yuan Thai spa ( Spa in Mumbai | Massage centers in Mumbai )

A perfect way to unwind yourself and get relaxed is to plan out a spa day at Yuan Thai spa in Mumbai. At Yuan Thai spa we have different types of spa holiday, whether you are looking for relaxation from the hectic schedules of the day or a therapeutic massage designed to treat various symptoms.

Enhance your inner beauty with the full body Aromatherapy massage. The calm and gentle massage promotes healing, invigorates your body, and takes care of your overall well being. The essential oils are totally organic and extracted from the parts of natural herbs and plants.

De-stress yourself and feel light, vigorous with the full body deep tissue massage. Our therapists will target all the areas of tension such as the neck, shoulder and head this soothing massage will instantly relieve you from all the stress and tension, making you feel active and spontaneous throughout the day.

If you’re booking a spa package for someone else, maybe as a birthday gift, then you can check out the latest spa deals in Mumbai and choose the one that is known for the best spa in Mumbai. The Yuan Thai Spa and saloon prides itself in its amazing spa treatments so no doubt you will spend a wonderful time coming here .Just half a day is enough to make you will feel revitalised and re-energised.