Right to Admit & Offer Spa Therapies

Yuan Thai spa reserves the right to offer spa therapies. Spa therapies will be offered only to medically fit persons of age 16 years and above. The decision of the spa team in declaring a guest fit and eligible to take a spa therapy is final and binding. Appointments are subject to availability, and hence we recommend booking appointments well in advance.

Therapist Policy

We also require our guests to use the disposable underclothes provided for every therapy to maintain the highest standards of privacy and hygiene. All therapies are provided only at customers' residences between the start and end times advertised. We reserve the right to decline requests for catering spa services at Non-commercial spots such as offices, godowns, malls, hotels, etc.

Full Disclosure

Guests are required to make full disclosure of their health condition, allergies, etc at the front desk during the appointment booking process since some spa therapies may not be recommended in case of contraindications.

Medical Advice

Advice by the Spa Doctor or Guest Health Counsellor should not be construed as a substitute for medical advice by a family physician or specialist. The guests are required to cross-check with their physician or specialist before implementing recommendations relating to exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes.


The duration, technique, and material used for every therapy are scientifically pre-determined by our technical trainers. It will not be possible to modify or customize them beyond permissible limits.

Spa Menu & Prices

List of Day spa therapies offered and their prices are subject to change without prior intimation. Guests are required to check with the spa front desk for the latest menu and prices before selecting their spa therapy.

Refunds & Extensions

Pre-paid memberships and gift vouchers cannot be refunded. Their validity cannot be extended either. Guests are advised to specify their mode of payment before availing of the therapy.

Absense & Therapy Duration Extension

In case of the guest is unavailable at the venue beyond ten minutes of the scheduled appointment time, we reserve the right to shorten the therapy duration for the same price or offer a completely different therapy of a shorter duration. This is so that the next appointment is not delayed.

Personal Belongings

Responsibility for personal belongings rests solely with our guests and we accept no responsibility for lost or misplaced belongings. We strongly advise guests to lock up their valuables in their lockers.

Inappropriate Behaviour

Our therapists reserve the right to stop any therapy at any point of time in the event of any inappropriate behavior, gestures, innuendos, or requests of sexual nature by a guest. Such guests will be blacklisted and no further appointments will be offered to them.

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